Our Team At SJ

Started in the year 2010 by a group of Young Entrepreneur as a Social Media Enterprise, SJ Media Design has grown significantly in size, venturing into branding and storyboarding. Today, SJ Media Design has over 40 associates from 3 different countries serving over 100 permenant accounts

Management Board

Sean L. - Group Director

Sean is the founder and group director that oversees the operations and business development of the SJ enterprise since its beginning in 2010.

Our sights is often covered with complexity and fluff that isn't necessary. If we would remove this distraction, we will find the true meaning of life for everything
Charis K.- Marketing Director

Trained in the field of events management and publicity,Charis oversees many of the new businesses under SJ Enterprise such as RomanceAura that saw an increase in demand in a short span of 1 year.

Love is never about what we receive but what we could give. I love what i do and by that i mean, i give my best each time a client approach me.
Krory P.- Creative Lead

Krory is at the heart of SJ and is the Man behind many of our designs that inspire and motivates our client. His artwork has won several awards in the region and is one of the most talented artist.

"Art is in the eye of the beholder" and a masterpiece is only masterpiece if the owner believes in the artwork
Ivan L. - Operations Director

Ivan oversees the operations and product fulfillment to our client. His dedication has resulted in the numerous smiles and satisfaction in our client.

As long as you outdo the you of yesterday, you are destined to suceed.


10 Anson Road International Plaza
Singapore 079903